Princess Isabella

Airing Date

November 7,2011-December 30,2011

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Fantasy, Drama, Romance

Princess Isabella has been cursed by her own sister and lost her memory. And now it’s up to her to get her crown back.


  • Bea Bellfodda as Princess Isabella/Anna = the sister of Rose who will save the castle and the people from her. The princess of Etheria
  • Charlotte Howell as Princess Anna = the real Anna and the princess of Milmarna who will help Isabella find her true identity and save the castle and the people. She has amnesia due to her sister Sophia.
  • Courtney Wayland as Rose = the evil sister of Isabella who will curse the castle and trap the people in the mirror of death.
  • Ellie Groove as Princess Sophia = the evil sister of Anna who will do everything to get the throne
  • Diana Torres as Lily = the fairy who will help Isabella
  • Rebecca Collins as Daisy = the spirit kid who will help Anna discover the truth
  • Tony del Valle as Francis Javier = A rich cold guy who will fall in love in Isabella/Anna in the Human world. At first he will fall in love in the real Anna but Later on will know the truth.
  • Liu Yi as Prince Richard = the prince of Fantasia who like Isabella at first because he Thought that was Anna but later on he will meet the real Anna And help her find the truth.
  • Aya Rutherford as Grace Fortes = the one who will make Isabella’s life miserable during Isabella’s days in School. She also likes Francis

Supporting Cast

  • Christopher Maginto as King Ivan = the King of Etheria and the father of Isabella and Rose, who will also be Trap in the mirror of death by Rose.
  • Tricia Smith as Queen Fatima = the Queen of Etheria and the mother of Isabella and Rose, who will also be Trap in the mirror of death by Rose.
  • Gerald Fuentes as Manuel/Dr. Sullivan = the guy who will help the real Anna but later on will prove that he has a bad Motives on the royal family of Milmarna.
  • Jacob Manansala as Victor Javier = the father of Francis
  • Gabriella Silang as Sally Javier = the mother of Francis who is the one Isabella will help when they got in an

Accident. Who will later bring Isabella to their house to live as a payment.

  • Alyson Peralta as Gina = the first friend of Isabella/Anna and the Real Anna in the human world
  • Eliza Pineda as Krystal = the evil friend of Grace
  • Kacey Sterling as Wilma = the good friend of Grace who will later be friend of Isabella/Anna and the Real Anna
  • Brian Jones as Henry = the friend of Francis

Guest Cast

  • Hinata Garcia as Young Isabella/Anna
  • Alexandra Iverson as Young Princess Anna
  • Krystal Liu as Young Rose
  • Katrina Hyland as Young Sophia